Friday, January 08, 2010

ugly, dull, and fascinating as heck

Today Michael O'Sullivan takes a look at our juried contemporary photo and video show, IMAGE/PROJECT.

Michael's conclusion: These photos and videos are "neither especially pretty nor overwhelmingly interesting," but "can actually make for a kind of exhilarating experience."

Which is sort of like saying that your blind date for the evening is both ugly and a lousy conversationalist...but you're going to have a great time, anyway.

Seriously, though, I think Michael does an excellent job of considering how contemporary artists are using the camera lens right now, and explaining how this otherwise dissimilar collection of pieces consistently reflects that.

He also makes special note of David Hartwell and Josef Jacques' ongoing diaristic project, Library of Evenings (see image above).

In case you were wondering: I won't be holding any panel discussions to consider the fallout of this piece.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Support the environment and art by supporting Emergence, a large outdoor installation at AU Museum; references  icebergs, calls attention to fragile beauty of our environment:

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Lenny said...

No panel!


6:54 PM  

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