Thursday, May 20, 2010

waxing and paining

I don't think I can say it any better than Philippa did this morning: What the hell am I doing, anyway?

BY REQUEST is a subversive, humorous, and celebrity-obsessed show about the Washington, D.C. art world.

Seven D.C. power players—collectors, curators, and critics—were asked to fill out surveys to determine their ideal works of art. These surveys were turned over to seven different D.C. artists who pledged to deliver custom pieces.

There was one small catch: The show’s ringmaster, Jeffry Cudlin, insisted that he be depicted in every work of art, thereby transforming himself into the show’s biggest celebrity. The resulting outlandish images feature cross-dressing, a severed pig’s head, and a pair of fake latex breasts, courtesy of an FX makeup artist.

A live web terminal at the show’s opening will allow audiences to decide if the show is a success or a failure—and the results will be tracked and announced over the course of the evening. By the reception’s end, everyone will know if Cudlin’s art world power grab was a stroke of genius or simple megalomania.

Oh, yeah: That's what I'm doing. Watch this quickie video clip that Philippa captured during an odd little photo shoot at her condo, i.e., the Pink Line mother ship.

Jeffry Cudlin: The fleshy parts don't hurt as much from The Pink Line Project on Vimeo.


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