Wednesday, June 09, 2010

me and my minions

It seems clear to me that what this city needs is more of me in a miniskirt. Really, all I wanted to do last Friday was pay a friendly, flirty visit to a few of my fave galleristas and gallerinas--perhaps wooing one or more of them, making her or him fall in love with the unstoppable Jeffry Cudlin gam-flashing PR machine and become my sugar daddy (or mama)--and instead, there's all of this spectacle. What's a boy clumsily impersonating a notable local art collector/advocate/commissioner to do?

See Darrow Montgomery at the Washington City Paper here, DCist's Photo of the Day here, and Max Cook's super-amazing flikr set here.

Also, in thinking about the run-up for
By Request--and to give a little background for an upcoming interview--BYT features a journey through the mists of DC art history to visit my 2007 show with Meg Mitchell, Ian and Jan: The Washington Body School. 2007? Good god, it's a trip to the Pleistocene! I'll bet Lady Gaga wasn't even alive then.

Anyway, DC, Jeffry has heard you, and all I have to say is: You're welcome. Now go think about how you might write about and/or photograph me some more.

Above: Photo by Darrow Montgomery for the WCP; photo by Max Cook for DCist and his own damn self.


Blogger Tim said...

Mr Cudlin: The photo of you on the scooter stands as a triumph of art over kitsch. Stands right on the knife edge, but it's definitely art. I dig it.

9:19 AM  

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