Tuesday, June 01, 2010

remembrance of things past

Prepare to leave behind this fast-paced digital media landscape for a moment and join me on a journey into the curious realm of art magazine publishing.

Take deep, cleansing breaths...feel your heart rate slowing down...clear your mind of your day-to-day concerns...and consider: What the heck was I doing in July of 2009?

Well, if you were me (and it turns out I was), then you were contemplating Margaret Boozer's installation of arcs and mounds of salmon-colored mud spread across the polished floors of the Katzen.

I subsequently wrote an appreciation of said installation for Sculpture Magazine...which is just now hitting the newsstands with their June 2010 issue.

Astounding, right? It's a virtual time capsule on glossy printed paper! I'll bet the editors are all sitting in smoke-filled offices, tapping on their IBM Selectrics, using carbon paper, etc.

Want to read it? Well, prepare to have your mind totally blown: You can't see it online! Yup, you have to send the folks at Sculpture Magazine a check, and then they send it to you through the USPS or something.

Or go steal a copy from the house of one of your sculptor friends. Really, it's OK: They're probably off somewhere in their grimy coveralls, smelting or pouring or something. Quaint, right? Sculptors. I'll bet this whole magazine publishing thing was their idea.

UPDATE: Margaret has the text of the review posted on her website here.


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