Tuesday, June 22, 2010

something awkward this way comes

My doppelganger Philippa shot a little video interview with me--and asked me why I like making people uncomfortable. Unfortunately, since I am not wearing a dress and/or gyrating in the video, no one will actually watch it. See here and/or below, and try to envision me in a gold foil bikini or something.

Also: Blake Gopnik wrote a really nice blurb for my show in the WaPo magazine this weekend; read that here...and you've probably already seen this by now, but Will Sommer followed me around for the WCP as I courted the city's contemporary art gallerists with electro-disco songs, swaying hips, and lots of pale freckly flesh a couple of weeks ago. Read that here.

More articles coming before the big reception on Friday. I know, I know: Me, me, me; art, art, art. Sheesh. Maybe I should give it a rest and turn this into a blog about grooming your pets or cooking or parenting or something when this show finally wraps up.


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