Wednesday, June 30, 2010

aac application deadline EXTENDED

Okay, so I've been answering the same question about AAC solos apps all morning: Is the July 1 (tomorrow) deadline a POSTMARK DEADLINE or a RECEIVED DEADLINE?

Well, artists, the note of breathless panic in your voices is no longer necessary: We have granted you an extension! Yup, you have until next Thursday, July 8, to show us why you deserve to be a part of Arlington Arts Center's 2011 schedule, and to have one of our seven primo separate spaces all to yourself.

Below is the text of the PR I sent out about this on Monday...which clearly no one has seen:

The deadline for receiving applications for 2011 SOLOS has been extended! The folks at AAC sympathize with your early summer submission fatigue. So, as a result, we’ve given you SEVEN EXTRA DAYS to organize your proposals, images, checklists, and statements for our panel of arts professionals!

As you know: Every year, the AAC announces a call for entry for contemporary artists living and working in the Mid-Atlantic region--Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, and all points inbetween.

We then convene a panel of experts to review submissions. This year the panel features DC collector and curator Michael Pollack, and international curator Melissa Keys.

These panelists will screen the work of all applicants and select 14 artists to receive exhibitions in the Spring or Fall of the next calendar year.

Why 14? The AAC is a 17,000 square foot facility, with seven separate exhibition spaces throughout the building. Each space functions as a self-contained, roughly 20' X 30' gallery.

Twice a year, we bring in a group of seven artists culled from a large pool of applicants and give each artist a gallery. These SOLOS shows not only offer contemporary artists--emerging, established, or in-between--a professional space in which to present new projects or developing bodies of work, but also work together to maximize turnout for our exceedingly well-attended receptions, lectures, and special events.

Our exhibitions typically run for seven to eight weeks. AAC shows are often reviewed in The Washington Post, Art Papers, Sculpture Magazine, Art in America, and other publications, both in print and online.

Prospectus for entries can be downloaded from our site here:

aac 2011 solos prospectus


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