Wednesday, June 02, 2010

the beat goes on

Lenny Campello has decided that I am awesome. Luckily for Lenny, he is correct. He finds me so awesome, in fact, that he feels compelled to reproduce the entire text of my press release in his blog post today. I didn't even know bloggers did that sort of thing! It's unprecedented. I feel tingly all over.

Anyway, Lenny deserves your thanks for bringing your attention to a performance I'm doing this Friday. No, I won't give you my schedule, but I will warn you that if you happen to be in an art gallery this Friday afternoon, you may see more of my gold-bedecked gloriousness than you've ever dreamed of. I know: I haunt your dreams.

So, how about it, gallerists? Do you wanna dance?

Pic below by Joshua Cogan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's my mace?

10:46 AM  

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