Monday, July 26, 2010

i will come back

Ladies and gents, it is the final week of BY REQUEST. Make sure you get that last parting peek before this one's consigned to the art history books (or not).

Also: Make sure to
rate the show! How am I supposed to know whether or not BY REQUEST was a success or a failure? You have to tell me. Follow this link to my little surveymonkey survey (that's how the professional pollsters do it, right?) and praise me like crazy...or excoriate me...or make meaningless dot patterns to pass the time. I really don't care how you do it; I just need your numbers.

After the show wraps on Sunday, I will post the final scores, and everyone will know whether this show was genius, folly, or unremarkable exercise in whatever. Me, I'm rooting for "folly".

Pink Panel was held last Tuesday July 20. A fair crowd was on hand to sample the cookie bar (not enough vegan treats, but cookies are always a good idea) and ask a lot of questions. Video for that panel ought to be available soon, assuming that one of Philippa's interns didn't die of heatstroke over the weekend (possible), or that I wasn't mumbling incoherently into my sleeve the entire time (also possible).

Also, I talked to Danielle O'Steen from The Express last week; barring anything unforeseen (heatstroke, mumbling), some portion of that interview ought to run this Thursday, I think? I think.

So that's that. The little BY REQUEST train is pulling out of the station and receding into the distance. But fear not! I've got a couple of new performances and collaborations in the works for this Fall...

Other things I ought to tell you about:

1) Pink Line and AAC did
this speed dating thing at Poste. Twenty artists and many more patrons braved the 160 degree evening (anecdotally established temp) to talk for three minutes at a stretch about anything at all art-related.

See the BRIGHTEST YOUNG THINGS photo set for the event

Listen to
an interview with Claire for WAMU here.

2) AAC resident artist
Lisa McCarty talked to Jessica Dawson as part of some sort of contest thingy. We like this. Read all about it here.

3) Awhile back
Sharon Butler talked to Art Scout Maggie Michael about her gallery in the current AAC show. Maggie really did a wonderful job of highlighting artists who create opportunities to exhibit the work of their peers, thereby revealing a self-organizing, self-sustaining, collaborative side of the art world that I don't think gets emphasized enough. Read it here.

Pictured: Photos by Jackie Steven (of the Pink Panel) and Philippa Hughes (of Speed Dating w/Artists).


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